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Name Description # Ann. Author Maintainer updated at Status
新着論文レビュー 新着論文レビューに関するアノテーション。 10,828 Database Center for Life Science Yasunori Yamamoto 2015-06-08 Developing
YONSEI12345 The TSMM lab at Yonsei participates in the BioNLP-ST 2016 GE task. 4,338 Min Song minsong 2016-05-17 Testing
WikiPainGoldStandard Wiki-pain contains molecular interactions that are relevant to pain. 878 Daniel Jamieson nikolamilosevic 2016-04-13 Developing
uniprot-mouse Protein annotation based on UniProt 11,461 Jin-Dong Kim 2016-04-27 Developing
uniprot-human Uniprot proteins for human 21,853 Jin-Dong Kim Jin-Dong Kim 2016-04-25 Testing
UBERON-AE <p>Annotation for anatomical entities based on the "Anatomical Entity" subtree of UBERON ontology.</p> <p>Annotations are automatically produced using PubDictionaries with threshold: 0.85.</p> 7,448 DBCLS Jin-Dong Kim 2016-11-14 Developing
tutorial1 5 Jin-Dong Kim 2017-01-17 Testing
Tutorial 3 Jin-Dong Kim 2017-01-16 Testing
traitCurationTest_ichihara testProject150806 4 ichihara_hisako Hisako Ichihara 2015-08-06 Testing
Trait_curation150831 620 Sachiko_Shirasawa Sachiko Shirasawa 2015-09-02 Testing