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Projects (159)

Name Description # Ann. Author Maintainer updated at Status
guideline annotations 5 guideline annotations with custom vocab 0 Tiffany Leung 2015-11-07 Developing
BioMedLAT Annotation of 643 questions from BioASQ with the Lexical Answer Type (LAT) and headword. 0 2016-09-23 Developing
genia-medco-coref Coreference annotation made to the Genia corpus, following the MUC annotation scheme. It is a product of the collaboration between the Genia and the MedCo projects. 46,044 MedCo project & Genia project Jin-Dong Kim 2016-01-29 Developing
NFkB_GeneID Assignment of Entrez Gene IDs to the gene-references appearing in PMC full texts. 2,313 Yo Shidahara 2015-02-26 Developing
GO-BP Annotation for biological processes as defined in the "Biological Process" subset of Gene Ontology 35,419 DBCLS Jin-Dong Kim 2016-06-04 Developing
GO-CC Annotation for cellular components as defined in the "Cellular Component" subtree of Gene Ontology 17,583 DBCLS Jin-Dong Kim 2016-05-03 Developing
KAIST_NLP_Annotation13 6,270 kaist_nlp 2015-09-21 Developing
KAIST_NLP_Annotation9 6,324 kaist_nlp 2015-09-21 Developing
ICD10 Annotation for disease names as defined in ICD10 1,598 DBCLS Jin-Dong Kim 2016-05-04 Developing
uniprot-mouse Protein annotation based on UniProt 11,461 Jin-Dong Kim 2016-04-27 Developing