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PubMed 10022435 Glucocorticoid resistance in the squirrel monkey is associated with overexpression of the immunophil 8 8 show
PubMed 10022882 Reactive oxygen intermediate-dependent NF-kappaB activation by interleukin-1beta requires 5-lipoxyge 13 10 show
PubMed 10022897 Activation-dependent transcriptional regulation of the human Fas promoter requires NF-kappaB p50-p65 8 12 show
PubMed 10023774 RFLAT-1: a new zinc finger transcription factor that activates RANTES gene expression in T lymphocyt 9 6 show
PubMed 10024618 Daidzein and genistein glucuronides in vitro are weakly estrogenic and activate human natural killer 8 13 show
PubMed 10025668 Osteoclast markers accumulate on cells developing from human peripheral blood mononuclear precursors 8 12 show
PubMed 10027623 Phenotypic and functional studies of leukocytes in human endometrium and endometriosis. The aetiolog 9 11 show
PubMed 10029571 Interleukin-10 inhibits expression of both interferon alpha- and interferon gamma- induced genes by 7 10 show
PubMed 10029589 The Megakaryocyte/Platelet-specific enhancer of the alpha2beta1 integrin gene: two tandem AP1 sites 9 8 show
PubMed 10029594 Clonality of isolated eosinophils in the hypereosinophilic syndrome. The idiopathic hypereosinophili 9 13 show