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PMC 2774163 A Novel Signaling Network Essential for RegulatingPseudomonas aeruginosaBiofilm Development The impo 1 0 show
PMC 2682197 Mycobacterium tuberculosisUniversal Stress Protein Rv2623 Regulates Bacillary Growth by ATP-Binding: 1 0 show
PMC 2639726 Coordinated Regulation of Virulence during Systemic Infection ofSalmonella entericaSerovar Typhimuri 1 0 show
PMC 2581603 Extracellular DNA Chelates Cations and Induces Antibiotic Resistance inPseudomonas aeruginosaBiofilm 1 0 show
PMC 2565068 Incompetence of Neutrophils to Invasive Group AstreptococcusIs Attributed to Induction of Plural Vir 1 0 show
PMC 2430206 The GraRS regulatory system controlsStaphylococcus aureussusceptibility to antimicrobial host defens 1 0 show
PMC 2266911 Comparative analysis of thePhotorhabdus luminescensand theYersinia enterocoliticagenomes: uncovering 1 0 show
PMC 1974823 Porphyromonas gingivalisshort fimbriae are regulated by a FimS/FimR two-component system Porphyromon 1 0 show
PMC 2858072 Transcriptome Analysis of theBrucella abortusBvrR/BvrS Two-Component Regulatory System Background Th 2 0 show
PMC 2593050 The Two-Component Regulatory System VicRK is Important to Virulence ofStreptococcus equiSubspecieseq 2 0 show