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PubMed 10190553 Regulation of connexin32 and connexin43 gene expression by DNA methylation in rat liver cells. Gap j 3 23 show
PubMed 10196193 CheY-dependent methylation of the asparagine receptor, McpB, during chemotaxis in Bacillus subtilis. 3 19 show
PubMed 10209866 Transglycosylation reactions of Bacillus stearothermophilus maltogenic amylase with acarbose and var 3 2 show
PubMed 10219568 A Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi high molecular mass glycoprotein translocated to the host cell membra 4 6 show
PubMed 10360176 Novel roles for classical factors at the interface between translation termination and initiation. T 2 9 show
PubMed 10428866 Effect of alternative glycosylation on insulin receptor processing. The mature insulin receptor is a 2 7 show
PubMed 10443949 Meat, metabolic genotypes and risk for colorectal cancer. Persuasive data exist as to the importance 4 8 show
PubMed 10457259 Differential expression of human lysyl hydroxylase genes, lysine hydroxylation, and cross-linking of 2 13 show
PubMed 10460145 Phenylalanine residues in the active site of tyrosine hydroxylase: mutagenesis of Phe300 and Phe309 2 5 show
PubMed 10463816 Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, using a monoclonal antibody against alpha2-macr 3 7 show