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PubMed 10021333 Apontic binds the translational repressor Bruno and is implicated in regulation of oskar mRNA transl 3 0 show
PubMed 10021350 Membrane-tethered Drosophila Armadillo cannot transduce Wingless signal on its own. Drosophila Armad 3 0 show
PubMed 10022032 Cardiovascular and pharmacokinetic interactions between nicorandil and adjunctive propranolol, ateno 4 0 show
PubMed 10022210 Solid-phase microextraction and GC-ECD of benzophenones for detection of benzodiazepines in urine. B 1 0 show
PubMed 10022850 The amino-terminal C/H1 domain of CREB binding protein mediates zta transcriptional activation of la 3 0 show
PubMed 10022858 Selection and characterization of pre-mRNA splicing enhancers: identification of novel SR protein-sp 3 0 show
PubMed 10022867 The Saccharomyces cerevisiae ETH1 gene, an inducible homolog of exonuclease III that provides resist 3 0 show
PubMed 10022875 Signals from the Ras, Rac, and Rho GTPases converge on the Pak protein kinase in Rat-1 fibroblasts. 3 0 show
PubMed 10022880 Control of growth and differentiation by Drosophila RasGAP, a homolog of p120 Ras-GTPase-activating 3 0 show
PubMed 10022905 The Caenorhabditis elegans sex determination gene mog-1 encodes a member of the DEAH-Box protein fam 4 0 show