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PubMed 10089213 CFTR expression does not influence glycosylation of an epitope-tagged MUC1 mucin in colon carcinoma 31 516 show
PubMed 10024668 Tissue specific expression and chromosomal mapping of a human UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: alpha1,3-d-ma 31 418 show
PubMed 14551220 Addition of beta1-6 GlcNAc branching to the oligosaccharide attached to Asn 772 in the serine protea 29 909 show
PubMed 14514712 Expression of beta-galactoside alpha2,6 sialyltransferase and of alpha2,6-sialylated glycoconjugates 29 375 show
PubMed 1498420 Subunit-specific sulphation of oligosaccharides relating to charge-heterogeneity in porcine lutrophi 29 546 show
PubMed 10024661 Control of metastasis by Asn-linked, beta1-6 branched oligosaccharides in mouse mammary cancer cells 29 566 show
PubMed 22534569 MUC1 in human and murine mammary carcinoma cells decreases the expression of core 2 β1,6-N-acetylglu 29 474 show
PubMed 10814695 Identification and purification of cytolytic antibodies directed against O-acetylated sialic acid in 28 479 show
PubMed 11425801 Mouse ST6Gal sialyltransferase gene expression during mammary gland lactation. The sialyltransferase 28 579 show
PubMed 10561455 An alpha2,3 sialyltransferase (ST3Gal I) is elevated in primary breast carcinomas. The MUC1 mucin is 28 329 show