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Vascular reconstruction in Buerger's disease.
In 23 of 148 patients with Buerger's disease, it was possible to undertake 27 arterial reconstructive procedures: bypass in 22 and thrombo-endarterectomy in 5. In a follow-up of 10 months to 8 years, the overall patency rate was 26 per cent. The long term patency rate of bypass grafting was good in obstruction of main vessels, but unsatisfactory with multiple occlusions. Bypass grafting was preferred to thromboendarterectomy. To obtain long term patency of revascularaized segments, complete abstinence from tobacco is absolutely essential. The preparatory manoeuvres for antogenous venous graft should be as atraumatic as possible. A functional diagnosis is indispensable when considering operative indications and for follow-up study of patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

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