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0 TIAB Sox6 Directly Silences Epsilon Globin Expression in Definitive Erythropoiesis Sox6 is a member of th 32 1384 904 show
1 Introduction Sry type HMG box (Sox6) is a member of the Sox transcription factor family characterized by the cons 25 5599 3376 show
2 Results Persistent Expression of the Embryonic Globin, ɛy, in Sox6-Deficient Mice The ɛy globin gene was ini 25 1916 1072 show
3 Results Transfection Studies Using GM979 Cells Indicate That Sox6 Directly Represses the ɛy Gene Promoter at 25 2094 1493 show
4 Results EMSA and ChIP Assays Show that Sox6 Directly Binds to the ɛy Promoter Sox6 might repress the ɛy prom 25 2990 1945 show
5 Results The Persistent Expression of ɛy Globin in Sox6-Deficient Mice Is Due to a Defect in the ɛy-Gene–Sile 25 1143 766 show
6 Results The Expression Pattern of Sox6 Suggests a Role in Definitive Erythropoiesis The observation that Sox 25 1034 595 show
7 Results Mutant p100H Mice Have Higher Numbers of Nucleated Red Cells Among the other Sox6 effects in erythro 25 716 350 show
8 Discussion In this report, we show that Sox6 is a novel factor in the complicated regulation mechanism of globi 25 8079 5148 show
9 Materials and Methods Plasmid construction. The ɛy promoter deletion reporter plasmid (E-luc) was generated by PCR amplifi 25 2231 1171 show
10 Materials and Methods Quantitation of globin mRNA. RNA was first reverse transcribed to cDNA. Primers for cDNA PCR amplifi 25 1277 610 show
11 Materials and Methods In situ hybridization. Antisense probes were designed to murine ɛy globin nucleotides 509–584; βmaj 25 1002 440 show
12 Materials and Methods Histology. 18.5-dpc embryos were exsanguinated and peripheral blood smears were prepared from both m 25 678 273 show
13 Materials and Methods Northern blot. A mouse embryonic tissue Northern blot filter (Seegene, Rockville, Maryland, United S 25 547 247 show
14 Materials and Methods Cell culture and transfection. GM979 cells (Coriell Cell Repositories, Camden, New Jersey, United St 25 844 403 show
15 Materials and Methods Nuclear protein extract and in vitro translation of Sox6. Nuclear extracts were prepared from MEL ce 25 521 286 show
16 Materials and Methods Antibodies. Sox6 antibodies used in this study were either kindly provided by Dr. Enzo Lalli (Univer 25 447 231 show
17 Materials and Methods EMSA. Single-stranded complementary oligonucleotides were annealed and end-labeled with [γ-32P] ATP 25 1417 693 show
18 Materials and Methods ChIP assay. As described by Nouzova [53], in brief: Cells from MEL cells (4 × 107) or fetal liver ce 25 1499 700 show